Dear Owners and Tenants at OBH2,

We are pleased to announce that OBH2 has adopted Bizlink Centre Singapore Ltd as our Charity Partner.

Bizlink Centre Singapore Ltd is a non-profit organisation dedicated to serving the disadvantaged individuals, in particular persons with disabilities, through training and employment.

We have set-up an area for collecting any recyclable / reusable items (such as Toys, Plastics, Papers, Books, Metals, Clothing, E-Waste, Tin Cans) that you may want to donate to Bizlink Centre.

Please bag them carefully and leave the items in the space opposite the garbage room on the ground level (leading to car park ramp).

Thanks you for making OBH2 a place for business with a heart.

MCST 4060
11 July 2017

Improve the comfort & happiness of the Occupants, Maintain balance & harmony with the surrounding, Increase the value & status of the Property.
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